Mission Statement: "The U.C. Davis Gospel Choir will share and promote the universal love expressed through gospel music and provide historical perspectives in an inclusive environment that will aid in enhancing the positive experience for all. We will provide encouragement by spreading praise, joy, and energy through the movement that gospel music embodies. The choir will make a conscious effort to live the life we sing about."

Schedule: Rehearsal Wed./Fri., 5pm - 7 pm, Music 115
Performances listed below

Units: 2 units, may be repeated for credit more than once

AAS 154: TBA
MUS 154: TBA

Director: Calvin Lymos
Assistants: Ashley (ashlysayhi@earthlink.net)

Grading: Grading is done on a pass/no pass scale only. Based 100% on attendance of class and performances. To pass, no more than three rehearsals or performances may be missed. If you are in jeopardy of not passing, there may be a chance during th quarter to perform at an extra credit performance or participate in some promotional activity to make up a day. If class needs to be missed, a note and valid reason must be provided to be excused. Class conflicts will automatically be excused.

Requirement: A recording device for class is mandatory. It's an automatic fail without it.

Concerts: The concerts listed on the Concert Dates page are mandatory unless otherwise specified. It is advised that students attend the optional performances as well as the extra credit concerts to gain experience in performing, to get to know the fellow students and build a family atmosphere.